Collective Medical


Collective Medical® operates the largest real-time care collaboration network in the United States. Using unique technology, Collective unifies a patient’s entire care team—including hospitals, primary and specialty care, post-acute care, behavioral health providers, community service organizations, and health plans—to collaborate together for the better patient outcomes.

Collective Medical integrates with T System EV by sending a document containing information about a patient’s care team, medication history, care plans, prior ER visits, and security alerts. The healthcare system is required to send patient registration information to Collective Medical in real time so that Collective Medical can determine if information is available for the patient, and if so then a document can be sent to T System EV. Once a document is received, T System EV displays an indicator on the tracking board which alerts the staff in the emergency department that a document exists. The staff in the ED can then access the document from the status board to see information that is available about the patient.

Using Collective Medical, emergency departments experience a decrease in:

  • Lengths of stay for inpatient, ED, and post-acute settings
  • ED visits from frequent ED utilizers
  • Avoidable readmissions from post-acute care providers
  • Overdoses and opioid prescriptions
  • Avoidable hospital admissions

Technical Requirements

Requires T System EV version 5.0 or later.


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