DrFirst provides an electronic prescription platform that integrates with T System EV allowing providers to safely and securely send prescriptions to pharmacies.

DrFirst’s e-prescribing solution, Rcopia®, serves over 220,000 healthcare professionals and delivers more than 1 billion medication transactions each year, Rcopia gives providers access to medication history data access, legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing, and patient medication adherence support. DrFirst is integrated with T System EV to allow:

  • Single sign on and patient context sharing
  • Home medication and allergy data integration
  • Patient weight and clinical diagnosis sharing
  • Prescription and pharmacy details to populate the provider chart and patient discharge instructions

Technical Requirements

Requires T System EV version or later and an internet connection.


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Application Showcase
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bykendallg onApplication Showcase

Works well, but I wish t-system would have this integrated into their system rather than 3rd party. Doctor's seem to have an easy time figuring it out.

bytbarnett onApplication Showcase

The App is good. Less tech savvy doctors have a hard time at first. Once everything is shown and how to use VIP app as well, they can navigate easily.